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Fuck Roulette - When will it return?

I was interested in test driving a new site so I brought up the old trusty gaydemon site to scan the current site ratings, reviews and offerings. I recently was introduced to cam/chat roulette and it's awesome but finding a reliable app or site has not been easy, which is why when I saw you offered TIM | Fuck Roulette I jumped! To my extreme disappointment, I found the service down.

fuckroulette status...

they've been 'upgrading' fuckroulette for over two years now im quite sure.... i dont even see it listed as any part of the TIM network of sites :(
unfortunately, i dont think this feature survived social distancing....

re: fuckroulette status...

and of course. theres a link right at the bottom of the page that says 'fuckroulette' in the community section.... D'OH!

Cam culture is more important now

I am sad to hear it’s not available—I love to cam with random men on other sites, but like the pigs on this one.

It would be nice to have an outlet to meet with other pigs so I don’t have to street cruise for trade!

Back and buggy!

But good to play with pigs!

It's back!!

Let us know how you like the site. It's up and running. https://fuckroulette.treasureislandmedia.com/

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