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OHIO Casting Road Trip in April 2007

A Treasure Island Media Casting Rep will be in Ohio in April doing model interviews.

If you live in the Ohio area and are interested in appearing in a Treasure Island Media video, please contact:

any updates to the Ohio

any updates to the Ohio/Cleveland area casting couch?

Oh are you going to do a Rock

Oh are you going to do a Rock'nfuck Hall of fame in Cleveland?
Will Ian Jay will be the tester?


Eric - The crew usually comes

Eric - The crew usually comes to Cleveland, Ohio to attend C.L.A.W. in April. It might be too soon to know if they plan to attend the 2010 event.

I've never been to the CLAW

I've never been to the CLAW event. Where are all the after party (CLAW) events???

I don't have the money to join the full fledged event but I mean I could go to some local areas for after hrs events. I have a pass at Flex & The Club... is there any other place everyone goes to after hours???



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